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5 Facebook Marketing Mistakes Interior Designers Make

While TikTok and Instagram are getting most of the attention these days, Facebook can still be a great marketing platform for interior designers. 

Afterall Facebook is the largest social media platform on the planet and boasts almost 3 million monthly active users. 

But interior designers might be committing some common mistakes that keep them from getting the most out of the app. 

We spoke with marketing experts and discovered the top 5 mistakes to avoid. 

If you want all the secrets and steps to success, check out our comprehensive guide: How to Get Clients from Facebook as an Interior Designer.

1. Not posting pictures of things other than their portfolio

“One of the things many interior designers neglect is to take personal pictures of their office, showroom, staff, or even vehicle. This adds much more of a personal touch (even if it’s only a home office) and shows that you are serious about your business,” says Shane McEvoy, managing director of marketing agency Flycast Media. “We’ve looked after a very upscale flooring company in an extremely wealthy part of London for a long time. Obviously on Facebook we use lots and lots of excellent photographs (the client is very good at taking them) but having professional photos taken of the showroom and office added a whole new dimension to the response we got and I recommend it to anybody.” 

2. Not turning followers into email leads

Eduardo Cifre, a digital marketing consultant, has a unique way to collect leads from Facebook business pages. “My team runs awareness ads on Facebook and manages business pages, he says. “To attract potential clients’ attention, we post before and after results, both as images and videos. To collect leads, we recommend that interior designers host an online walk-in webinar, and we help them set this up. During the webinar, potential clients can ask any questions related to interior design. We used ads to drive more sign-ups, and as soon as the leads were opted in, they were added to our email marketing flow which automatically sent out emails to these leads.”

To make this idea work for you, come up with a fun webinar name like “Q&A with an interior designer” and post about it multiple times. With a low ad budget, you could run ads only to your own page followers. Or, you could skip ads altogether and try to get as many sign-ups as possible from your audience organically. 

Download the guide: How to Get Clients from Facebook as an Interior Designer!

3. Not being mindful of the reasons people use Facebook

“Most Facebook users aren’t ready to buy anything yet. They came to Facebook for fun, social interaction, and information exchange,” says Jason Lockhart, the CEO of Kitchen & Bath Marketing, a marketing agency for interior designers and home renovation companies. “Instead of solely promotional posts, use your business page to educate your customers about things of interest (like DIY tips, popular kitchen and bath styles and colors for the year, etc.). When they find interest in your information, that will lead to interest in your business which will lead to sales.”

4. Not running Facebook Ads (with a low budget)

Lockhart also recommends that interior designers who are serious about growing their Facebook page invest in paid advertising. “You can get your page noticed by investing a small amount of money ($10 per day) to promote your page. Without properly promoting your business page you likely won’t get noticed. When you promote your business page using Facebook Ads, it shouldn’t sound like you’re pitching Facebook users with a blatant sales page,” says Lockhart. Instead, your ads should invite them to come explore your free content. He recommends running ads directly to your business page, rather than your website, to grow your audience. “If you use your page as your landing page in your Facebook Ads, then more new visitors will come to your page because they perceive your ad not as a sales page, but as an interesting page that they want to explore.” If you use this strategy, make sure to target the right people. You can target Facebook users by location, estimated net worth, interests, and more.  

5. Not posting at high-engagement times

“Although you may think Instagram and Pinterest are the top social media platforms for a business like interior design, Facebook allows you to connect with a wider audience,” says Nora Mitchell, former interior designer and editor-in-chief of Household Advice. “The majority of the population has Facebook and finding new customers is a lot easier. To take advantage of using this platform, make sure to post at the right time. Most people work during the weekdays and have a lunch break. Therefore posting around these times will increase consumer interaction as the majority of people are on their social media during their breaks.”

Learn how to grow your business on Facebook [FREE GUIDE]

Facebook can be a great source of both leads and referrals. In our Facebook marketing guide, we show you how to get clients with your Facebook business page and personal profile (if you’re open to that).

Download the guide: How to Get Clients from Facebook as an Interior Designer!

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