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The Ultimate Guide to a High Converting E-design Page

By Sheilah MacSporran

Over the last few months I’ve had a number of requests from designers who wanted me to do an in depth audit of their e-design page on their website.

I have to admit that almost 90% of the websites I reviewed, did not include the key components that ultimately build enough confidence in a potential client to make a purchase.

Realizing this, I thought it would be helpful to spend some time to really breakdown the anatomy of a high converting e-design page.

There are definitely a number of factors that can immediately turn on or (maybe more importantly) turn off a potential client and that’s what I’ll be focusing on in this in depth video.

By following the simple steps laid out in this detailed guide your e-design page should be able to take cold leads and turn them into paying clients.

Watch The Ultimate Guide to a High Converting E-design Page:

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